5 Steps to claiming your big vision - for Creative Women | Julia Cartwright

"5-Steps to claiming your BIG VISION for 2017 "

Are you...

"An awesome, open & honest heart-centered woman, who is either a purpose-driven entrepreneur or a woman on a mission & ready to step up into your feminine power and accelerate your success?"

What is "5-Steps to claiming your big vision for 2017" all about?

The 5-Steps eBook provides a unique challenge for creative, inspired women who are living a life that is not reflective of who they are, and are ready to re-invent themselves, but are not sure of the first step they need to take, as they are...

  •  Spinning their wheels in confusion with what to focus on first 
  •  Unsure of the depth and potency of who they could become 
  •  Struggling to visualise their big and beautiful goals as they have played small for too long 
  •  Not being as productive as they could be or would like to be 
  •  Unclear with what their desires feel and look like 
  •  Holding onto the crappy past story 
  •  Feeling uninspired and somewhat lonely 
  •  Getting sick frequently, and using this as an excuse 
  •  Wasting too much time and focus on the wrong things 
  •  Succumbing to self-sabotaging behaviors 

What are the 5 Steps?

Step 1

How to stop playing small and step into your full potential!

Step 2

Uncover your unique desires!

Step 3

Steps you can implement that will move you towards your vision and mission.

Step 4

Are you guilty of wearing a mask to fit a role?

Step 5

What is holding you back. What do you keep telling yourself isn't possible?

So if this is you, and you are READY to achieve the following:

  • Recognising your full potential
  • Uncovering your unique desires
  • Freedom from self-doubt 
  • Clarity with your vision + mission
  • Nurturing an optimistic and self-loving mindset 
  • Feeling motivated with a life that is more on purpose with who YOU are.

Then I would absoultely love to help you with my new E-Book, which you can download here.


About the Author

Julia Cartwright

Mindset and Business Success Coach

I have 20+ years of experience working and teaching within the design industry and I have found my place as a nurturer of lifestyle, emotions and spirit. 

I spent many years designing perfect homes and then one day I had an epiphany…my perfect home was already within me. 

I carried it with me always. I simply needed to get ultra-clear with who I was, what I wanted and what my version of a beautiful life was…and then give myself permission to honour those desires and goals. 

The golden nugget I picked up on my journey is the knowledge that…just as you spend time designing your physical spaces…you should also spend time designing your life (honoring your emotions, and mapping out your desires and goals). 

We need to learn to uncover the best version of ourselves, understand who we are and learn to truly own our unique vision of life. 

I invite women home to themselves, teach them to nurture their core desires and uncover their authentic life and style. 

Utilizing intuition and empathy helps me gain a deep understanding of others ideas, thoughts and feelings, get in sync with each person’s unique ambitions and…. ultimately, provides insight into the type of support, systems, experiences, and nurturing each individual needs in order to thrive. 

I’m a dedicated planner that loves systems that allow for great organization and functionality, a designer with a passion for helping people heal and develop through creative expression and a mentor that allows my clients an opportunity to bring “into the light” parts of themselves that others have yet to see (parts of themselves they have yet to acknowledge). 

When you work with me you are granted permission to look inward at your core desired emotions, lift the veil off your personal values and goals, and dig deep to gain clarity on the life you truly want – and the lifestyle you want to live. 

Happy Clients

"I can't thank you enough for coming into my life!"

Eldora Schugg

"I really enjoyed the sections that made me delve into who I am."

"I loved all of it, particularly the guidance around goal-setting."

Caryn Hardy

"Thank you Julia for such a thought-provoking course. Very well thought out."

Cheryl Kunte

"I learnt a lot and am now able to incorporate what I've learnt into my Day-to-Days. I'm very clear now about my direction. I did the course at a very busy time for me but have really enjoyed it."

Anna Butterfield 

"Core desires and core feelings - when I started to write out the core feelings, I could see how it related to my main values. And having those correlate made me feel that I understood the exercise, but more importantly, helped me in knowing that what I thought of myself and what I wanted in a space were right for me"

Alice Law

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